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Amazing but fun close up magic for adults


In the House of Commons

Imagine lending someone a 10 note only for them to stick a knife through it. Imagine then, to add insult to injury, they tear the knife through the note. Imagine then, they restore the note and that same note is given back to you. Imagine your party, company dinner, wedding reception or whatever, being just a little different from all the others!


Ian's close-up magic can be performed literally anywhere and is adaptable for all
situations, be it weddings, bar mitzvah's, corporate dinners, hotels and restaurants.

His magic combines skill with hilarious one liners and gags, guaranteed to make people laugh and talk.


At a wedding reception


Some of the places Ian has performed his unique style of magic and comedy
for are as follows...


House Of Commons
Hilton Hotel
Grosvenor Hotel
Carphone Warehouse
Watford Football Ground
Hertfordshire Police
Watford Museum
Aylesbury Council



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Updated Feb 05